Ran Analytics

End to end performance management application

Network Insight’s RAN Application addresses the telecom operators’ need for a network analytics solution that correlates all RAN network related data including PM, CM and FM into one centralized solution that provides deeper insight to enhance the overall network performance and customer experience.


Vendor agnostic solution

Allowing an easy access to all RAN network data and enabling the operator to have a consolidated view across all vendors and technologies (2G/3G/4G/5G).

Root Cause Analysis

Based on machine learning algorithms to identify problematic network elements resulting in reducing customer bad QoS and associated earning losses.

Advanced Correlation

Using network’s PM, CM and FM to assist optimization and quality teams in identifying hidden links behind network performance issues, the root-cause and the business impact.

Alerting Module

Which alerts the engineers on Issues as well as potential Degradations of Performance before they reach service Impacting statue.


Normalized vendor agnostic KPIs and streamlined formulas definitions, based on ITU-T standards, across the organization.

RAN sector analytics

Including neighbor details, parameter audit details and fault management correlation technics.