End to End Optimization Automation Analytics
An Advanced End to End Optimization Automation Application

This innovative application excels at uncovering anomalies within your network by harnessing RAN, Core, and Transport CM/PM/FM data.
It skillfully correlates observations from these diverse domains, Highlighting irregularities that require immediate attention.
Through sophisticated algorithms, it prioritizes these anomalies based on their significance, allowing network operators to swiftly address critical issues, thereby enhancing network reliability and performance. this application ensures that your network remains resilient and responsive, with its proactive approach it not only Helps reduce MTTR for reported incidents , but also help detect them proactively and avoid issue escalation.


Vendor agnostic solution

Allowing the implementation of a holistic approach to Optimization automation across any Vendor/Technology/Domain

Root Cause Analysis

Based on machine learning algorithms to discover the predominant contributing Factor to a problematic network elements resulting in bad customer QoS and corresponding revenue losses.

Advanced Correlation

Using network’s PM, CM and FM to assist optimization and quality teams in identifying hidden links behind network performance issues, the root-cause and the business impact which is done across domains.

Performance Degradation Detection

Using AI/ML technics to tailor the performance behaviors per Network Element and detect degradation are really of Impact to the customer experience.

MTTR Reduction

Using NOA automated and proactive Engine of issue discovery and RCA automation.


Techniques allowing the system to classify based on impact, failures, repetitiveness and KPI weights the Impacted Network Element highlighted per focus area